Shine Like A Diamond

DoctorXLe Facialle International
An Exceptional Partnership
DoctorXLe Facialle International

Owned by Éternelle LX, Éternelle V Aesthetic Clinic & Medispa brings together aesthetic doctors with more than 10 years experience in medical aesthetics and the former Le Facialle International beauty spa established since 2000.

It is this unrivalled alliance of having garnered a wealth of experience both in the aesthetic and beauty industries that contributes to our high credibility, trust and distinctive service offerings.

We feature a unique combination of both aesthetic treatments brilliantly complemented by specialized pre and post medispa treatments for an integrated total care program. In fact, both are equally important and essential to the other, working synergistically to achieve exceptionally beautiful results that are both immediate and lasting.

“Embark on a remarkable VOYAGE of attaining skin you’ve always dreamed of.”

How do you pronounce ÉTERNELLE?

“Éternelle” is pronounced in exactly the same way as the word eternal.
“Éternelle” is the feminine form of the word eternal in French
and stands for something that lasts forever without end.

The Éternelle Ethos
An eternal quest for skin brilliance

At Éternelle V, we find ways to bring out the true brilliance of your skin while increasing its strength and resilience at the same time. We have an enduring passion for finding what works most efficiently for the skin without compromising on skin health and long-term side effects. Whether it is testing the integrity of ingredients or the effectiveness of a treatment, our eternal quest for truly beautiful and brilliant skin leads us to the continual refinement of our products and techniques.

“An ETERNAL quest for skin brilliance.”
The ÉV Brand DNA

  • Health
  • Harmony
  • Heart

Decisions are made based on achieving the health of your skin through the harmony of treatments delivered with exceptional regard.

  • Educate
  • Empower
  • Encourage

We seek first and foremost to educate our staff in order to empower our customers in a manner that is encouraging and uplifting.

The Éternelle Promise
Greatest level of service, safety & privacy

Our earnest commitment to service excellence ensures the greatest level of privacy and peace of mind as we embark on the remarkable voyage of attaining your skin goals together with bespoke cosmetic attention. Your safety is our foremost priority and we use only FDA or Conformité Européenne and HSA-approved products and equipment.

Clients seeking minimally to non-invasive treatments to refine their skin will find assurance in our time-tested expertise, medical-grade treatments and clinically-proven technology.

“Encounter BESPOKE cosmetic attention like you never have before.”
A Fine Aesthetic Repertoire
The best of global expertise

We offer a curated collection of our founder’s best-loved treatments from around the world, each meticulously tested for their safety, purity and strength. Our relentless search for the best treatments from organic skin peels from Korea or clinical formulations from France allows our clients to enjoy the best in skin care and therapies seamlessly in one clinic.

“INTEGRATED medispa & aesthetic total care programs you will adore.”
Éternelle V Skin Management Programs
Customers preferred clinic for maintenance care

Éternelle V is known for our much sought after customisable skin management programs that deliver good results – consistently over time. They are highly personalised to your individual skin and lifestyle needs. We believe that on-going maintenance is necessary and should be made simple, effective and enjoyable. All ÉV Aestheticians are well-trained to discuss your skin objectives, analyse your skin conditions and prescribe the right treatments and homecare to attain your most brilliant skin ever.

“Skin management programs DEVOTED to your lifestyle and needs.”