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An Uncommon Love
Letter to my Customers

Dear Magnificent Friend,

There are many reasons why you have fallen in love with me. I’m sure it’s not just my stylish instagrammable décor or comfortable sleep-inducing sheets. I thought it could have been the sleek handphone charging pods in our private dressing room complete with your favourite refreshing strawberry and lemon water. But I know you wouldn’t have
come back
just for this.

I admit. I am a dedicated hygiene freak. But I know you secretly love it because no nasty bacteria could possibly survive on our exceptionally clean surfaces. I also know you have certain expectations: Bespoke service, quality skincare, unintimidating service. Experienced Aestheticians – check. Skillful Doctor – check. Medical grade treatments – check. Clinical products – check. Organic products – check that box too.

Privacy, safety and quiet – check, check, check. Those are basic. I know you love the endless choice I go the extra mile to give you that almost no one else can. Whether it is my Digital deep cleansing peel or lunchtime Miracle facial, oh, and my lovely Champagne treatment – you adore me. I know our signature lasers are one of the best too and you really find it
to do without.

I wanted to write you to tell you how much I adore you too because you get me. You know that much-talked about intersection where great things happen? The cusp of a new era of effortless skin maintenance where Science meets Beauty? Where Medical meets Cosmetology, where Technology meets Touch, where Biochemistry meets Organic, where Aesthetic meets Cosmetic…where… Okay, I think you really do get me. You get that I provide you the best of both worlds of Aesthetic and Medispa therapies and am relentless in refining my techniques to make you sparkle like the most brilliant diamond that ever existed…

Brilliantly yours,


P/S Pardon my obsession with beautiful skin and if you wish to experience part of my fascination, you may
[email protected].