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Skinnova SC Technology

Reseaching the process behind skin aging for many years, the scientists at JUVENA discovered that the source of fresh new skin lies dormant in the skin‘s own stem cells and their development relies fundamentally on their micro-environment. The Stem Cell peptide of SkinNova SC Technology supports the activity of the skin‘s natural stem cells and therewith the source to fresh, new skin. The SkinNova Technology provides the ideal micro-environment to ensure the skin cells optimal development and to preserve the self-renewal potential. The quality of the skin is demonstrably improved from the inside. Fresh new skin. Like newly created.

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Miracle Beauty Mask

SGD206.00 bef GST

Miracle Boost Essence

SGD275.00 bef GST

Skin Nova SC Serum

SGD405.00 bef GST

Superior Miracle Cream

SGD242.00 bef GST