Miracle Boost Essence

SGD275.00 bef GST

Beauty elixir for more intensive results. Essential moisture and activation of skin functions – the first step towards improved, smooth skin. Discover the Miracle Boost Essence to support your skin’s youthfulness and treat yourself to a new, pampering skin care routine. The combination of high-tech peptide AGP (aquaglyceroporin) and JUVENA SkinNova SC Technology has a synergetic effect, giving you an extra plus of moisture from inside. At the same time, the structure of your skin is improved and its functions invigorated. Your skin is receptive for the skin care routine that follows and shines with new smoothness.

  • SkinNova SC Technology
  • High Tech Peptid AGP (Aqua Glycero Porin)
  • 125ml bottle

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