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Detox and Decongest Duo

Performed with 45 Mins of Skilled Extractions



for 1st trial (U.P. $290)

DURATION: 100 mins

Valid till 30 June 2019

Our Detox and Decongest Duo remains one of our top favourites amongst customers seeking professional treatment for persistent and stubborn acne complete with pre and post acne care that will offer immediate relief for those who suffer from congested skin or unsightly acne.

Grade of Acne Severity

Pre-extraction Preparation

  • application of gentle soft peels that aid exfoliation and extraction

Manual Skilled Extractions

  • thoroughly dislodge debris clogging up pores
  • performed by Mediaestheticians with at least 5 years experience

Post-extraction Care

  • application of patented anti-bacterial, anti-redness and anti-inflammatory serums
  • unique transport fluid application to deliver serums deep into the skin
  • high frequency machines to treat acne at its source
  • ultra-calming and soothing thick mask treatments for immediate relief

SKIN TYPE: Suitable for customers with congested or acne conditions.

Expected Results Of 1 Session

• Removal of accumulated dead skin cells
• Decongestion, purification and tightening of pores
• Treatment of acne bacteria at its source
• Reduced redness and inflammation
• Visibly cleaner and clearer complexion

EV Complete Care

Our environment and services are gender-neutral.

All EV facials are suitable for both men and women and include a

  1. pre-facial mind-calming ritual
  2. eyebrow grooming and
  3. shoulder and hand massage for women. 

Machine assisted treatment is available at a top up price for facials on promotion.

Why Eternelle V?

The Best of Aesthetic and Medispa Experience

Owned by Éternelle LX, Éternelle V Aesthetic Clinic & Medispa brings together aesthetic doctors with more than 10 years experience in medical aesthetics and the former Le Facialle International beauty spa established since 2000. It is this unrivalled alliance of having garnered a wealth of experience both in the aesthetic and beauty industries that contributes to our high credibility, trust and distinctive service offerings. We feature a unique combination of both aesthetic treatments brilliantly complemented by specialised pre and post medispa treatments for an integrated total care program. In fact, both are equally important and essential to the other, working synergistically to achieve exceptionally beautiful results that are both immediate and lasting.


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