At ÉV, we are serious about bringing you the
most brilliant and dermatologically-sensible,
goal-directed and visible care results
patented ingredients.

All ÉV Medi-Therapies have been rigorously tested for their performance on different skin types and even the most challenging skin conditions. Each and every brand that we have selected possess over 40 years of expertise in research and development with their own hi-tech laboratories, some of which are products of the GreenTec concept combining natural ingredients with a high level of innovative promedical active ingredients whilst another range we offer is developed by Skin Specialists who have formulated intensive recovery treatment for burn victims.

You will also find products developed by biochemists which are free from everything damaging to your skin’s health including parabens, silicone oil, mineral oil artificial fragrance. Built on highly pure, skin-identical raw materials and precious oils of plant origin, the fine formulations ensure excellent skin compatibility and comfort. These manufacturers produce the highest-quality products in compliance with the most stringent pharmaceutical guidelines.

All ÉV Medi-Aestheticians are meticulously trained.

We pride ourselves on continual learning and education where each staff is put through intensive training not just in facial techniques but in keeping updated with current trends and new knowledge. On a typical day in ÉV, you will find them exchanging handwork skills or beauty knowledge as well as discussing product efficacies as they are first-hand users of
every brand we carry.

You can do the simple math. With exceptional medi-skincare supported by meticulous methodology, you
get astounding results.

ÉV Medi-Facetherapies
Aventurine Anti-Stress
Cryogenic Clear Control
Definition Face Contour w Rose Quartz
Detox & Decongest Duo
Hydro Moisture Boost
Illumina Stem Cell Vinotherapy
Immediate Vita Glow + Radiance
Miracle Skinnova Lunch Time Express
ProClarity Phyto-peel
Sensitive SRC Stress-Balance
ÉV Medi-Eyetherapies
Collagen Intensa Eye Treatment
Ultrasound EyeLift Therapy
ÉV Medi-Aesthetictherapies
Digital Deep Cleanse
Laser Acne360
Laser Targeted Pigmentation
Laser Total Rejuvenation
Miracle Healer Skinboosters
Ultrasound Body Tightening Therapy
Ultrasound EyeLift Therapy
Ultrasound FaceLift Therapy
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